Get the word out

Let's face it, words are important.  They're in everything from the books we
read, to the ads we hear on the radio.  

But what you say depends on
how you say it.    

You need words that stir the emotions—words that make a call to action and
keep them coming back for more.  

That’s where I come in…

At your service

On a project basis, I serve as your personal copywriter, book editor,
researcher, or marketing consultant.  While you focus on what you do best, I
play with words—making them sing, dance, and tell stories.  

But not just any story ...        

I tell your story

After all, everyone loves a good story. A story pulls readers in and makes
them feel a part. They become invested. Your story—how you, specifically,
meet a need—is what sets you apart from the crowd.  It should be reflected in
every communication you distribute, from simple emails to technical specs.

That's what I help you do.  And here's how I help you do it...

I can start from scratch, breathe new life to old copy, or help you brainstorm
ways to strengthen what you've already written.
"The difference between
the right word
and the almost right word
is a large matter
—‘tis the difference
the lightening bug
and the lightening."

—Mark Twain

great copy!